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Barleywine Graphics offers comprehensive web site creation services, including original graphics, e-commerce, and site maintenance.

We offer attractive and affordable custom-designed web sites tailored to your individual needs and budget. We’ve won several web design awards for our sites.

Whether you are wondering, “where do we start?” in creating a web site, or need to update an existing one, we can guide you step by step through any project, regardless of size.

But can I edit my pages myself?

Yes, yes, yes!

We’ll work with you to figure out which of the many different systems are right for you – but we prefer the WordPress framework for most sites. At Barleywine Graphics we are staunch believers in the Open Source movement of software solutions. Open Source software is free of charge and does not include expensive or limiting licensing fees.

In addition, we’ll customize the template for you to match your business’s look and feel. We can take anything – an existing site, Photoshop PSD, or just an idea–and convert it into a CMS or Blog template. We will even set up the pages for you or copy existing content if you wish. The site will look the same, but you’ll be able to edit content, add pages, and the hundreds of other things that content management systems allow you to do.

We also offer training to use the CMS and update your website yourself.

Attention to Detail

No matter whether you choose a CMS or a traditional static website, there are some guiding principles in web design that we adhere to:

Well-Organized Menu Navigation

We believe a website that can’t be easily navigated is useless! We’ll work with you to make sure your navigation menus are well organized and easy-to-follow. Your visitors will thank you for it!

Beautiful Graphics

Websites often use images or photographs as part of the general layout. You can provide your own images to us, or we can point you in the right direction so that you may choose stock images on your own, or if you prefer, we will make the choice based on our best discretion. It’s up to you.

Regardless of where the images come from, Barleywine Graphics will optimize them so that they are the right balance between fast loading and good looking.

The Little Things

We make sure that we follow the most current web standards in our sites, and we test our sites on multiple platforms in all the most popular browsers to make sure that your site looks the same with all browsers (no easy feat these days!). We use modern CSS techniques to create dynamic rollovers and menu systems, and make every effort to keep up with the ever changing standards.

Ok, it’s not really a little thing; but the one thing that sets us apart and has people coming back year after year is our customer service. It’s very important to us. Our goal is to give you a great website that makes you happy! If you ever need help, support is always just a phone call or email away!

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See how we can offer affordable web solutions to small and medium size businesses!

Give us a call at 802.263.9556  or email us today!

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